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We’re going to show to a few select coaches, consultants and service providers,

totally FREE of cost, how we have been helping industry leaders like John Crestani,

Niel Malan and Scott Oldford with highly qualified clients.

They’s the reason why my business did $7mil in 2019 ...

The’ve done an absolutely amazing job with my ads. I’ve been working with them for the past year now and we’ve absolutely exploded my business. I’ve already been selling millions of dollars, my business did 7 million dollars last year - largely with the help of Hafiz.

Personally, I made over a million dollars last year in my business which is really exciting and you know I definitely have Hafiz to thank for most of it. I’m really excited to be working with them, they’re true professionals.

The Big Why Behind this Free Strategy Call that We Offer and Why You Should Care:

There was no other time better to say that one overused thing: “We are living in unprecedented times.” I mean, look at the world now. This time is not only unprecedented but very interesting too. Bricks-and-mortars are having to shut down while 11-year olds are making millions of dollars on YouTube. It’s like pivot or die.

Back in 2018, we were facing a similar problem. We were using Facebook as a key advertising platform for our offers and our clients’ offers (and who wasn’t?). But then Facebook went all gangbusters and bonkers. From getting our ads suspended to having our account restricted, we faced everything. Along with us, our clients had to go through that torture.

So we pivoted. We moved our funnels to YouTube, and since then, we’ve been using the video ads to get our clients strictly vetted and pre-qualified leads. The Glengarry Glen Ross leads - that no one can steal from them. And we thank our stars that we moved from text/photo ads to video ads on a video-only platform. Because as we can see and as the stats prove it, video is the future of advertising.

In the beginning of every year, we offer a few free sessions to a few select coaches, mentors, course creators and service providers who are eager to discover this relatively new and much effective mode of advertising. We show them the funnels that we made for our clients - all coaches, consultants, and service-providers - and show the stats that no one can deny. We reveal to them the client acquisition hacks that are unbeknownst to commoners and wannabe advertisers. Today, we’re here with the same opportunity for you.

I saved $7 to $10/lead...

If you are serious about growth and are prepared to invest, it may be time for you to talk to Hafiz Ahmad Ashfaq. I have spent almost $500k on my own marketing and I know what I am doing. But these guys are next level. They brought YouTube on board and I have seen a 4X increase in results almost overnight.

I did an enormous amount of research to find a YT agency that really knows what they’re doing and I came across a company called Madsgency. Hafiz and Qadeer are specialists in the area of generating webinar rsvps. My first test and my first trial i did with these guys - they got me webinar rsvps for under a dollar (each) where currency I’m paying on Facebook is $7 to 10/lead.

We don’t make the promises that everyone else is making in this industry. We promise big and then we strive hard to live up to it. We promise sales.

Who is this for?

  • Coaches, consultants and service providers with either an info-product, mentorship or a done-for-you service to sell.
  • People who can afford a sizeable ad budget exclusive of what we will charge them for the kind of results you can see on this page.
  • Those who understand the difference between traffic problem and conversion problem. We can help you with the traffic problem.
  • Those who have mature, real and scalable offers that they have been testing from time to time.

Who is this NOT for?

  • People who have offers without any existing data or past track record (sales and advertising).
  • People with unethical or adult-only offers.
  • People who are not willing to invest their time and efforts in this thing. Money is not all you need to have a line of customers around the block - eagerly waiting to buy your stuff.
  • People who think that good advertising can compensate for an ill-conceived product

Made over a million dollars because of their Google and YouTube ads…

~ John Crestani

They’ve been able to knock it out of the park. I’ve probably worked with 2 dozen different ad agencies last year and among two dozen, Madsgency guys were the best we worked with. Definitely work with them if you do anything like Google or YouTube ads. These guys are monsters.

Personally, I made over a million dollars last year in my business which is really exciting and you know I definitely have Hafeez to thank for most of it. I’m really excited to be working with them, they’re true professionals.

Hi, my name is

Hafiz Ahmad Ashfaq!

I am the co-founder of Madsgency. My journey in advertising started with affiliate marketing. After I knocked many offers out of the park and made millions of dollars to my clients, I refined my strategy that I call PBA (performance-based advertising). In the free strategy call, I’d show you the same process.

ROI off the chart, conversion rate higher than ever…

~ Niel Malan

To give an idea, the return on investment is off the charts, the conversion rate is significantly higher than what it is on Facebook ads.

If you want to grow your business and if you’re looking for an absolutely absolute all-star team that is professional, that’s on the ball, that’s reliable and it can deliver predictable results, look no further Madsgency is the only company that you need to deal with.

Hi, my name is

Qadeer Wagriya!

I am the co-owner of Magsgency. Just like Hafiz, myjourney in advertising also started with affiliate marketing. While Hafiz’s talent lies in funnel design and strategy, I take care of the other half: the paid traffic optimization and automation. Together, Hafiz and I, partnered up with Gavin to launch a product and made $360,000 net revenue. Here, you are getting the chance to take a look at how we scaled a new offer to 6-figures - with one campaign.

*In case you’re just another funnel hacker (ain’t no shame in that), entering a fake email only to see our funnel, save your fellow marketers some time and hassle. Watch this free video without any pixel and shiz, where I reveal our entire process (and the funnel).

However, if you’re truly interested in proven and tested advertisers’ help to scale your business, spank that button over there right now!

They know how to run ads,

lower costs and make you more money...

They have amazing services in terms of running ads and making your business successful, My business with them has been nothing but professional; they’re very kind and caring, they want you to succeed.

What they’ve helped me do in my business is step away from the whole technical side, doing funnels, tracking, the kind of stuff I don’t want to do. And they’ve helped me build my business and focus on what’s most important. They know how to run ads, they know how to build funnels that convert and make sales - they’re really good at creating webinar funnels.

I want you to understand that these guys are extremely vast when it comes to ads, lowering your costs, making you more money, making you more successful. They are quick, they’re fast, they get stuff done and they’ll help you reach your goals and achieve what is it that you want.

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