Annihilate Your Competitors On YouTube With This YouTube Video Ads Workshop That Is Responsible For Generating $17.3Mil In Cold Hard Cash

YouTube Video Ads Workshop is a combo of 3 modules and 6 bonuses that cover each and every aspect of YouTube advertising like a 9-legged octopus. Your competitors will hate you for having this weapon of mass conversion.

  • Learn how to leverage Google Tag Manager - make data-driven decision that lead to success
  • Make bull’s eye audiences with the help of Google analytics - your ad game would never be aimless again
  • Optimize and scale your campaigns like a pro - learn when to scale and when to stop while
  • See how we launched and scaled a $1.5mil funnel
  • Learn the art and science of omnipresent targeting - meet your customers wherever they go
  • Get access to our million dollar YouTube ad script and creatives




Beginner to Intermediate

YouTube Domination

Dominate YouTube with a Sky Rocket of a Channel that Your Competitors Would Hate You For

YouTube domination is a course made to help you grow a stellar and robust YouTube channel from scratch. This course will save you from regretting all the wrong decisions that can hurt your business on YouTube.

  • Over-the-shoulder videos that show you each and every step that you must take while creating a YouTube channel
  • Research and strategy to get target views - this module shows you how you can leverage
  • YouTube’s algorithm to your favor
  • Campaign launch - each and every minor detail that can make your first campaign successful




Intermediate to Advance

DFY Evergreen Webinar Funnel

Copy Paste Our Most Successful Funnel to Make as Much as $1.5mil on One Offer

DFY Evergreen Funnel is the combination of content and strategies of a funnel that we launched from the scratch and that made our client $1.5mil within a year.

  • You'll learn how to set up a highly profitable evergreen webinar funnel
  • All the pages we use in the funnel
  • Complete follow-up system (7-day email follow-up series written by a 7-figure copywriter)
  • Video ad creatives for YouTube and Winning targeting options
  • Over the shoulder training on how to set the whole thing up
  • Use this to sell products anywhere from $500 to all the way up to $35,000




Intermediate to Advance


Bookmark YouTube Ads and Top-ranking Videos on Sight. Beat Your Competitors with In-Depth Data and Analysis

Gadsup is a combo of a chrome extension and a web app. Using the extension you can bookmark YouTube ads and top-ranking videos. Using the web tool you can access your data and analyze it anywhere from the world - using any device.

  • Find the top ranking monetized videos and beat the competition
  • Unparalleled search options settings and filters that assure high-precision targeting and showcase all important details
  • Search with precision the list of featured channels with all important statistics
  • Find top ranking channels based on our in-depth keyword search
  • Take advantage of Smart URL Scraper
  • Find out top ranking website for a particular keyword and up your Google ads game
  • Take advantage of the combined scraping search power of our Chrome extension and web app
  • Swipe your ads anytime and access them anywhere - even on browsers other than Chrome
  • Bookmark an ad as soon as you watch it on YouTube
  • Bookmark the video on which the ad appeared




Beginner to Advance

Tube Framework

Here’s a Unique Opportunity to Learn from us the PBA Advertising Method That’s been Making Millions of Dollars to Us and Our Clients

Tube Framework is the best course that we’ve ever offered. It is a combo of ALL YouTube advertising practices that we have been using for our own campaigns as well as our clients’ campaigns. Ideal for someone who wants to get into YouTube advertising services.

  • Over-the-Shoulder training videos that show you everything - from strategy to practical implementation
  • Get access to the same blueprint and formulas that we use for every campaign
  • Know every damn thing about YouTube ads, targeting and optimization that you want to know
  • Personalized support from Funnel expert, and ad automation/optimization experts
  • Get your first client in 31 days - guaranteed
  • 100 highly-qualified leads in your niche - for free
  • Training on our proven 7-figure sales script
  • Personalized feedback on sales calls
  • Get access to our million dollar YouTube ad script and creatives

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