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  • Look At Our Results Below: Our unique PBA scaling strategy helps us optimize and scale businesses aggressively. We have a strong track record of implementing it countless times and the results are evident below.
  • We’re Addicted To Hitting KPIs With Proper Tracking: Many agencies lack KPI tracking and logging systems. But our first goal before we scale any business is to ensure the proper tracking and logging systems are in place so that we can scale predictably.
  • We’re Spending up to $3M Per Month: Most of our clients spend at least 6-figures a month profitably without worrying about ad copy, scripts, tracking, or any of the complicated tech stuff. We have a 40 person in-house team that consists of media buyers, creative designers and editors, copywriters, etc. Every area that needs attention is covered by our experienced, skilled, and committed team.

Who are Ahmad and Qadeer?

Hafiz Ahmad Ashfaq: (The Juggler) Hafiz has a better rags-to-riches story to tell you. And you’d buy that story, because today you need such a story.
From a home where he, his parents, and 3 siblings had to live in the same room to a home that he bought and he can truly call his own, his story is amazing.

Hafiz was a student of Gavin Stephenson. After acing Gavin’s product launch course, Hafiz launched his first info product: an eBook on how to optimize YouTube ads. His $2000 investment on Gavin’s course brought in an ROI of $5000+. His first launch was a hit. And he never looked back since then.  

Qadeer Wagriya: (The Lightning in a Bottle) So, you won’t listen to another rags-to-riches-story?

Fine! How about from deep-in-debt to the-king-of-his-niche-on-the-internet?

Just like Hafiz, Qadeer also started off as an affiliate marketer. However, traffic wasn’t constant and that was mainly because of bad targeting. 

Qadeer learned the art to show the right kind of ads to the right kind of traffic to get the right kind of results at the best kind of platform: YouTube. However, in an affiliate market smothered by competition, commissions weren’t very high and this led him to go from affiliate to vendor. And this led him eventually to meet Hafiz


By the end of 2015, both of them were working in the same market and both of them were aware of each other’s genius. They wanted to play big and affiliate marketing couldn’t quench their thirst.

In 2016 the duo became the first ever Pakistani marketers to introduce webinar funnels to the local market. They were now working together.  

By the end of 2016,
They started Madsgency (performance based digital marketing agency) and moved to the international market coz the grass was actually greener there.

Qadeer’s specialty was paid traffic and ad optimization, while Hafiz was focused on webinar funnel optimization and automation.

From 2016 till date, they’ve been through some major changes like shifting from Facebook ads manager to Google ads, working for mid-tier clients to big shots like Jordan Belfort, and now side by side their done-for-you ad services, they also offer a very thorough and the industry’s most reputable mentorship program.

The Big Vision

To become the beacon of freedom, be it financial, time or location.

Our mission is to help anybody, anywhere in the world, to live their life by design. It’s been our mission from the very beginning when we started 8 years ago, and we continue to strive towards this goal using our products and services as the vehicles to freedom.

We've worked with celebrity clients and so far managed $50M+ in ad spend (as of 2021). And we’ve  generated anywhere from 200% to literally 1000% ROI (proof in the screenshots below).

Not only will you have the opportunity to leverage our experience, but you'll also save time and generate shit loads of money without being tied to your computer.

You will get weekly reports and strategic advice in our bi-weekly calls ensuring you grow your business and become an industry leader.

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Entrepreneurs Who We've Helped Scaled Businesses And Continue To Do So...

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"Cost per sale dropped by 75%"

Neil Malan

  • Webinar leads under $1, used to pay between $7 to $9 on Facebook...
  • Sales conversion rate and ROI is off the chart...
  • Hafiz Ahmad & Qadeer are the experts in generating leads! If you want to grow your business, these are the guys you need to deal with...

$65,000/month From YouTube Video Ads →

$65,000/month From YouTube Video Ads

"$5.68 per Lead"

 2704 Webinar Registrations in 7 Days From Youtube Ads in a Brand New Account

John Crestani

  • My business did 7 million dollars last year...
  • Hafiz and his agency, they have done absolutely amazing job with my ads...
  • They are true professionals...
  • I have worked with 2 dozen ad agencies last year and they are the best guys I have worked with...

Gavin Stephenson

  • Hafiz Ahmad & Qadeer are masters of the master. They are advanced at running ads. They are fast, quick and get stuff done!
  • My experience with them have been nothing but very professional...
  • They have helped me build my business and focus on whats most important...

6500 Leads Generated in 7 Days With $3 average CPL

Stephanie Staidle

“I did a lot of webinars that were live and through his support I now have a system and an optimized webinar that can go evergreen so that I can start making money in my sleep which I am sure is everyone's dream. Very very excited, thankyou soo much hafiz for your help and support and I highly recommend him and his services...”

$311,84.08 Generated 

from $69k in Youtube Ads

$172 Cost Per Sale of a $997 Program 

All From YouTube Ads

"$1 to $2 Webinar Registrations"

Evergreen Webinar In 24 hours

Total Cost: $1663, Total Sales: $4986

500 High Ticket Appointments Generated in 28 days

Cost Per Call Is $92 On YouTube and $150 On Facebook

Client Day 1

Got 3 Sales of $247

Total spent = $310

Revenue Generated = $741

12,880 VSL optins in 30 Days

Getting upto 500 leads per day with youtube video ads is so easy... It feels unfair!

New Evergreen Webinar Funnel

$2465 Profit in 24 hours..

1086.22% ROI from Youtube Ads

In 6 Months...

1098.66% ROI from Youtube Ads

Same Funnel in the last 30 days...

440 Highly Qualified Ready to Buy Prospects From YT Ads

in the last 30 Days!

$3.49 Million Spent Generating Leads for a Local Business!

If You're Struggling With...

  • Facebook Account bans.
  • Inconsistent results.
  • Hopelessly watching CPCs and CPMs shoot up.
  • Seeing ads fatigue at the rate of knots.
  • Constantly worrying if big Zuck shuts down your account.
  • An inability to put proper tracking in place.
  • Got too much on your plate and you don't have enough time to implement strategies.
  • Not knowing what to say in your ads that will make your audience opt-in or buy.
  • Do not have standardized reporting and measurable KPIs to maintain performance when scaling.
  • No clear process, inconsistent strategy, and lack of planning which causes delays and eventually costs money.
  • Do not maintain a log of what worked and didn’t work (Split test results, no organization of historical data which makes it hard to track and communicate clear findings.)
  • Want percentage of ad spend without focusing on the actual ROI.
  • Poor KPI and ad spend management.
  • Lack of tracking experience.
  • Lack of specialization.

If any of the above sounds true, then hit the button below, fill the form on the next page and wait for our email with the custom plan tailored to your business with the exact strategies you need to at least 2-3x your sales without compromising your profit margin.