What happens when a funnel design &
execution expert shakes hands with a paid traffic mastermind?

You can pack your bags and go to Hawaii for a week-long vacay.
Or you can build your business and focus only on what matters the most.
In both cases you wake up to the kind of ROI tune you’ve never heard before

You know what translates to trust in a shaky, shady and foggy
marketing world?


Working with marketers who use the same million-dollar automated processes and predefined systems for your YouTube ads and webinar funnels, that they use for their own!

Who’d you rather work with?

  • A marketer with some douchey video on their page - like all the wannabe ones?
  • A fancy-schmancy guru who never got his hands greasy manning the funnel gears?
  • A two-faced Chad who’s eager to get away with your smart-earned cash?

Or with 
Madsgency duo...

  • The men who have worked with stars like Jordan Belfort and John Crestani?
  • The doers who combine maximum scalability with with unmatchable affordability?
  • The masters of ads and funnel optimization + automation who let you look over their shoulders (ignore the dandruff please) and learn the exact systems they use?

Shifted my whole business from Facebook to
YouTube … 4x increase in results … saved $6 to $9/lead

“If you want to grow your business and if you’re looking for an absolutely absolute all-star team that is professional, on the ball, reliable and that can deliver predictable results … Madsgency is the only company to deal with.”

~ Niel Malan

My business did $7million last year - largely with
help of Hafiz 

“What happened is over time I just lost track of everything. I didn’t know if it was ad burnout, the funnel, landing pages or bad targeting. Hafiz was able to figure out our tracking and everything with a very complex kind of multi-touch-point funnel.”

~ John Crestani

It is not your fault if your last YouTube ads optimization and webinar funnel expert left you high and dry and burned out!

Just like there are so many awesome personal brands, digital entrepreneurs, and coaches like you - eager to help people out of their 9 to 5 grind - there are fake gurus, fail marketers and never-seen-a-funnel Franks out there: eager to go home with easy money.

Money that wasn’t easy at all when you earned it.

You’ve been sold a bad bill of goods … and we can see that!

What you bought from that schmuck for thousands of cold hard dollars, weren’t funnel optimization and ads automation blueprints - but a cheap and salesy video (on his sales page) that he prolly bought on Fiverr for a measly $5.

You trusted that anal-retentive wimp with your funnel - the guy never tried anything new and challenging - not even when it comes to clothing for a first date.

The self-glorifying “Sifu” who robbed you of your money, sold you a half-arse course that is based on YouTube tutorials and how-to guides and lead-magnets that everyone laughs at.

And you cannot let remorse keep your from launching your next big project!

And we can flip the script with automated processes and predefined systems that we use for our own funnels!

Psst … $1mil ad spend only in 2019

Aaand we did it for John Crestani, Gavin Stephenson, Niel Malan - and many others - including our own ads.

We ACTUALLY achieve for you what others cannot even promise:

  • We’re a team of specialists. Qadeer is lightning-in-the-bottle paid traffic expert, while Hafiz is the juggler that keeps all your funnel assets moving and working like a charm.
  • “What do you track, guys?” - Well, we track every damn thing … from paid traffic targeting to ad metrics to webinar and other funnel assets - especially including TOFU, MOFU and BOFU content.
  • Unlike over-a-night YouTube ad experts, we’ve been to the bottom of this thing, been launching our own info-products and scaling our funnels to the point of perfection.

Aaand the results have been mind-blowing … or so say our clients

Stats speak louder than
the promises…

How we assured 10x ROI while working for these famous entrepreneurs, coaches, and marketers!

  • We worked for this lady: an awesome professional development coach - built, launched, and scaled from scratch her first successful webinar funnel ever … and she pocketed a net revenue of $1.51mil within a year
  • 2019 has been the most profitable year for famous YouTuber and marketer John Crestani… we made a multi-touchpoint funnel for him that takes the lion’s share from $7mil that he earned that year.
  • Niel Malan - the famous sales and marketing specialist is happy because Madsgency duo shifted his ad funnel from Facebook to YouTube and thus saved him a lot of money. We dialed down his webinar RSVPs’ budget from $7 to $10 on Facebook to under a dollar each on YouTube.
  • The well-known affiliate marketer and coach Gavin Stephenson proudly vouches for Hafiz because from being his student to teaching him how webinar funnels work, Hafiz has been spectacular. On one product’s funnel that the duo and Gavin launched together, the partners made net revenue of $346,000+

“But American market-o-sphere is very nuanced …
And you’re two regular Pakistani dudes …
Do you understand English well?
Are you aware of the subtleties of a primarily American market?”

Trust us when we say this, we’ve heard questions like these from many clients that we worked for. And we took them from “Hell no!” to “Hell yeah!” like pros.

When we aren’t getting our hands dirty in ad targeting, post-targeting optimization, funnel making and tweaking, etc., we devour coffee and market research.  

We enjoyed the perks of good private education too and we work with native copywriters to make sure that the ad copy you get from us is nuanced for the American/Western market.

“But American market-o-sphere is very nuanced …
And you’re two regular Pakistani dudes …
Do you understand English well?
Are you aware of the subtleties of a primarily American market?”

“One of my reservations first with working with them was that you know they are Pakistanis and I was like oh my God are they gonna understand English well or all the stuff like advertising to a primarily American market - since there are so many subtleties. They’ve been able to knock it out of the park. I’ve probably worked with 2 dozen different ad agencies last year and among two dozen, Madsgency guys were the best we worked with. Definitely work with them if you do anything like Google or YouTube ads. These guys are monsters.” ~ John Crestani

When you’d hire us (coz there’s no if), your biggest worry would be to lose us to your competitors.

In a sea full of octopus-like gurus and manta rays of no hope, we’re the mermen that attract
 people with their beautiful melodies and unavoidable attraction.

This was and will be all about YOU!
But at the risk of boring you … here’s a little About US ...

Hafiz Ahmad Ashfaq: The Juggler

Hafiz has a better rags-to-riches story to tell you. And you’d buy that story, because today you need such a story.

From a home where he, his parents, and 3 siblings had to live in the same room to a home that he bought and he can truly call his own, his story is amazing.

Hafiz was a student of Gavin Stephenson.

After acing Gavin’s product launch course, Hafiz launched his first info product: an eBook on how to optimize YouTube ads.  

His $2000 investment on Gavin’s course brought in an ROI of $5000+. His first launch was a hit.

And he never looked back since then.

Qadeer Wagriya: The Lightning in a Bottle

So, you won’t listen to another rags-to-riches-story? Fine! How about from deep-in-debt to the-king-of-his-niche-on-the-internet?

Just like Hafiz, Qadeer also started off as an affiliate marketer.

However, traffic wasn’t constant and that was mainly because of bad targeting. Qadeer learned the art to show the right kind of ads to the right kind of traffic to get the right kind of results at the best kind of platform: YouTube.

However, in an affiliate market smothered by competition, commissions weren’t very high and this led him to go from affiliate to vendor.

And this led him eventually to meet Hafiz.

Ad Men from Madsgency

By the end of 2015, both of them were working in the same market and both of them were aware of each other’s genius. They wanted to play big and affiliate marketing couldn’t quench their thirst.

In 2016 the duo became the first ever Pakistani marketers to introduce webinar funnels to the local market. They were now working together.  

By the end of 2016, they moved to the international market coz the grass was actually greener there.

Qadeer’s specialty was paid traffic and ad optimization, while Hafiz was focused on webinar funnel optimization and automation.

From 2016 till date, they’ve been through some major changes like shifting from Facebook ads manager to Google ads, working for mid-tier clients to big shots like Jordan Belfort, and now side by side their done-for-you ad services, they also offer a very thorough and the industry’s most reputable mentorship program.

‘M’ in Madsgency is for morality ...

I know this is another cliche - but we do actually cling on to certain moral values. For example, the students that qualify for our Tube Framework Elite Program, actually get to look over our shoulders and learn the exact same tips, tricks, hacks, and systems that we use to offer insane ROI to our customers.

So advanced in terms of ads and webinars …
Masters of the masters

“What I would say overall about them is that they’re the masters of the masters. Meaning, that they’re so advanced that running ads, doing webinars and all the stuff, that they’re teaching the masters and the people that are unknown in the marketplace.” 

~ Gavin Stephenson

I know this is another cliche - but we do actually cling on to certain moral values. For example, the students that qualify for our Tube Framework Elite Program, actually get to look over our shoulders and learn the exact same tips, tricks, hacks, and systems that we use to offer insane ROI to our customers.

Helped me stay away from the technical side …
The know how to run ads, build funnels and make sales ...

“These guys are totally genuine. What they’ve helped me do in my business is step away from the whole technical side, doing funnels, tracking, the kind of stuff I don’t want to do. And they’ve helped me build my business and focus on what’s most important. They know how to run ads, they know how to build funnels that convert and make sales - they’re really good at creating webinar funnels.”

~ Gavin Stephenson

In short, we want you to succeed; we show you the ropes; we don’t only know good, but we also do good. If in your world professionalism translates to integrity and honesty - do know that we move up in the same world.

They’re very professional!
They’re kind, caring and they want you to succeed.

““They have amazing services in terms of running ads and making your business successful. My business with them has been nothing but professional; they’re very kind and caring, they want you to succeed. And these guys are totally genuine, they’ve shown me that there are good people out there.” 

How do I know that YOU two are a
good fit - and not the Sly Joe whose
ads I see everyday?

Process, Josephine, process!
That thing is called process.


“I wear many hats and juggle many
  balls” Ahmad ...

is the maker of systems and creator of processes at Madsgency.

  • Before ever Qadeer is done with targeting, it is Hafiz’s job to have a funnel in place. 
  • From ad script to webinar script to other TOFU content to the BOFU content he ensures that the lead goes from YT ad video to dropping thousands of dollars as though they’re hot or infected with Covid-19.


“the lightning in the bottle” Wagriya ...

is known for thorough research and unparalleled paid traffic targeting gimmicks.

  • It starts with the onboarding process.
  • He asks all the important questions and then some - until your secretary stops responding to our calls. JK.
  • Qadeer conducts thorough market research, dives deeper into your competitors’ secret sauce, and comes back with the recipe to beat it.

John Crestani, Niel Malan, Gavin Stephenson and Stephanie
Staidle video testimonials

Why we love our competitors and why 
they hate us?

Thou shalt love thy competitors as thyself. And God knows we do, coz they’re doers just like us.
Why they hate us? Coz they cannot do it as well as we do.

$1Million+ Ad Spend

What we live and lead is a dream within a dream. We run ads, for ourselves as well as for our clients, and via those ads, we get customers who then want us or our clients to teach them how to write and optimize ads or run ads for their services or products. Yes, we also love Inception. Our annual ad spend crossed the barrier of $1million in 2019.

Quacks vs Niche Specialists

Speaking of Inception, how do you like the concept of a niche within a niche? 90% of our ad spend and energies are focused on YouTube. And when it boils down to individual skills, each of us has a very different set of tools to play with and a very different set of challenges to tackle. Hafiz is funnel optimization expert, while Qadeer is a paid traffic and ad optimization specialist. This is why you get the kind of “specialist treatment” that you cannot expect from quacks.

We Sow Ideas and Nurture Them into Giant Trees

Going with the theme - we don’t just sow ideas in our target market’s brains, but we also nurture those ideas and prune them until they come to fruition. That is, we not only create TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content for you, but we also keep on tweaking that content until you start getting the kind of results you want.

All we ask from you is to trust us - for once - with your next launch ads and funnel.
We promise that we will keep the totem spinning!


Done for You Services

Your brainchild - your business - is not the 101st sheep in a herd. It’s different.

So you can either buy some scripts and funnel blueprints from Tom Fancy Pants’ aka YouTube’s resident spammer, thinking that those scripts and blueprints would work for you the same way they worked for him (if they ever did) ...

Or you can wake up and realize that yours is a horse of another color.

Here is a list of the done for your services that we offer:

  • Partnership and Collaboration - We partnered with Gavin Stephenson and helped him launch his product. Within the first hour of launch, we made a net revenue of $14,000.
  • Fixed Retainer - Jordan Belfort, John Crestani, Neil Malan, and Stephanie Staidle paid us a premium retainer for our out-of-the-marketing-world ad and funnel optimization services.
  • Scale your funnel from scratch to 6 figures
  • Achieve better results on a funnel that’s not working
  • Failproof paid traffic
  • Foolproof webinar funnel design and implementation
  • 100% High-quality leads
  • 100% money-back if you get bad-quality leads
  • 100% conversion guarantee if you buy funnel on top of your ads
  • Pause of payment until funnel achieves its target
  • Weekly live status meeting with clients

“$7mil in 2019 - mainly because of Hafiz”

~ John Crestani

“From $7 to $10/lead on Facebook to less than $1/lead - only because of Hafiz and Qadeer”

~ Niel Malan

“$346,400+ net revenue on the funnel they made for me”

~ Gavin Stephenson

“Thank you for great guidance and wisdom you shared”

~ Jon Snedeker

“A massive value webinar from Hafiz … shows how most important thing is having a complete system”

~ Dominick Sch

“Got off an incredible call with Hafiz Ahmad … stuff this guy is doing is profound … his skills on ads and webinar funnels are insane … showed my how to automate the funnel”

~ Rahman Nur

“I would definitely give your program a 10 because you guys are most helpful”

~ Julei Fortin

“Awesome guy and absolute genius when it comes to cold traffic as well as webinar funnels … delivered nugget after nugget … ran out of time, will be live again”

~ Chris Cloe

“Just watched some excellent webinar info from Hafiz … this guy knows his stuff … check him out if you have high-ticket offers”

~ Adam Payne

“Wow … thanks for sharing your process … love your concept of milestones … brilliant”

~ Tim Stenros

“Quite a jump between 0.09 to 0.24 EPC … helped me realize that testing is everything”

~ Sennikov

“Really impressed with what I’ve learned so far, it’s amazing and I’m only on module 3”

~ Stephen Herewini

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