Customer Research Form

(Watch the complete video and then fill the form below)

  • What do they do in life?
    What is their gender?
    What is their age group e.g. 25 to 40?
    What is their marital status?
  • What is the name of your industry?
    What are the names and website links to your top 3 competitors?
    What problem(s) does your solution solves?
  • What are your unique circumstances?
    Why were you specifically designed to be the person who solves this problem (we need your story, credibility chunks like reviews and other types of social proof and big names (people and/or organizations that you've worked with, books, awards, published features, social media handles/YouTube channels?
    Why you got started making/selling this solution?
    How did you find this idea?
  • What is the physical nature of it?
    What will it do for the prospect?
    What is included in the core offer?
    What is the cost of your offer?
  • Is your product an instant solution?
    Will they have to work at it/put in some hard work?
    Are the results something that lasts forever, or does it take more effort?
  • Where else will they use it beyond just solving the specific problem?
    Does your solution have multiple applications?
  • How does it stand out among all other options (UVP)?
    What backstage process makes it not just a better but only a smart solution (differentiator)?
    What are the top features of your solution?
  • How does it work at a physical functionality level e.g. made of zinc galvanized stainless steel (physical products) or ruby on rails instead of php (digital product)?
    What kind of equipment and/or tools needed to make your solution work e.g. system requirement for software?
    How can your target customers can acquire this solution (forum, price, any terms and conditions, etc.)?
  • (This is to capture a negative picture from the prospect's viewpoint in case he fails to get his hands on a perfect solution to his problem).
    Will everything remain the same - stagnant?
    Will things actually get worse for them in case they don't buy your solution?
    (Use what you know about where and when to paint a vivid picture.)
  • Which social media forums, other forums, and platforms and user review websites do they frequent to talk about the kind of solution you and your competitors offer e.g. Trust Radius or G2, etc.?
  • What jargon and slangs do you/your competitors use to define the kind of the solution that you and your competitors sell?